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Integrated Financial Planning

Integrated financial statements, plans and forecasts are key to ensuring the financial health of your organization. But often this is a time-consuming, resource-intensive process. Typically it involves multiple spreadsheets with complex logic which lacks transparency. This leaves little time for running re-forecasts and scenarios.

Fluctuations in turnover, debtors, creditors, interest, investments, loans, covenants, taxes, currencies, etc all have complex effects on your liquidity. Corporate Planner Finance with its dynamic link between the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement transforms the speed and reliability of producing integrated financial statements, plans and forecasts. It brings transparency to the cause-and-effect relationships, ensuring that you always have a clear overview of how your organization’s financial position and forecast cash flow. This enables you can make informed decisions for the future of your business.

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Benefits of Corporate Planner Finance

  Agile integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow management with real-time forecasting and scenario planning
  Automatic data transfer with drill down from all common finance, ERP systems and other source systems
  Parallel use of internal reporting and multiple external accounting standards, such as local GAAP alongside IAS/IFRS
  Makes handling of multiple companies, multiple currencies and inter-company transactions easy
  Cuts greatly the time and effort to produce financial statements, plans and forecasts
  Effortlessly incorporates your business logic (debtors, creditors, loans, covenants, taxes, currencies, etc) for forecasting and planning
  Workflow, version control, and user roles & rights ensures process efficiency, tasks and reminders are scheduled, closely defined user access and data sharing, and the assurance of a ‘single version of the truth’
  Platform independent web access with user based rights to reports and budgeting for ease of access and generation of ownership
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The integrated financial plan must take into account many different factors:

  • Sales – customers, seasonality
  • Cost of sales and workforce size
  • Stock levels
  • Debtor and creditor payment profiles
  • Capital changes
  • Borrowings
  • Tax
  • Dividends

Added to this some finance teams will also need to plan including:

  • Multiple Companies
  • Multiple currencies
  • Inter-company trading

Putting all these assumptions together drives the forecasted income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. Changing assumptions in any one area will directly impact the other two.

Safeguarding Liquidity

Solvency – and not profit alone – is what determines the continuity of a business. Knowing about the available funds is a matter of vital importance. With Corporate Planner Finance you can manage your entire business with an integrated, dynamic, approach. You can plan your liquidity requirements well in advance and take corrective action as and when necessary. The solution clearly shows you how the liquidity of your business is going to develop on the basis of all the operational budgets and scenarios that have been entered.

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Financial planning with predefined planning logic

Financial planning with predefined planning logic

Corporate Planner Finance works with easily configured logic blocks that link P&L, balance sheet and cash flow. Using these logic blocks, you plan your P&L and your balance sheet, taking the business context into account as well as the interrelationships between the various sections of the plan.

When sales patterns change, or investments and loans need to be planned, or customer or supplier payment policies are altered, all these influencing factors interact and Corporate Planner Finance handles them seamlessly, transparently and robustly. KPI reports and banking covenants reports are produced. Intercompany reconciliation according to the leader-follower principle saves you valuable time and is also an excellent preliminary step for your consolidated financial statement.

Key Features of Corporate Planner Finance

Statutory Financial Consolidation Extension

By adding the Corporate Planner Consolidation option you extend the solution so that all the data from all the companies financial accounts, budgets, forecasts and scenarios are automatically directly integrated into Corporate Planner, audit standard certified, statutory financial consolidation application. The two applications Corporate Planner Finance and Corporate Planner Consolidation are fully integrated.

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Seamlessly Connected To Your System Environment

Our Corporate Planner solutions not only allow you to report, model and plan every financial aspect of your business, they can also connect to any of your pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance. These reliable connections enable automated data transfer and provide drill-down to transactions and vouchers.

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"We have created a transparent platform that has been well accepted by the staff, as all 250 users are now talking about the same figures, This has been provided us with a faster flow of information and improved our understanding of the costs."
“The Corporate Planner solution simplifies and speeds up our work enormously.”
“We've been using Corporate Planner for more than twenty years. The solution is ideal in that it enables us to visualize new and increasing demands again and again. We greatly appreciate this flexiblity and the ongoing development of the Corporate Planning software.”
“Corporate Planner is perfect in helping is monitor and improve our reporting processes”
“Data evaluations that would have previously been produced just once or maybetwice a year can now be retrieved at any time”

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In any organization, integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow reporting and planning is one of the most important administration tasks. Often this is time-consuming, resource-intensive, complex, and lacks transparency. Corporate Planner Finance changes all of this, ensuring that you always have a clear overview of how your organization’s financial position and forecast cash flow, and enabling you to make informed decisions for the future of your business.

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