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Corporate Performance Management Solutions

Account-Ability formed a Partnership with Corporate Planning AG to help companies with better planning and reporting by providing Corporate Planner solutions to the UK and Ireland. 

Corporate Planner solutions are focused on providing a rapid to implement business applications. All changes can be made by the finance teams. This way results can be seen in weeks, rather than months or years that some big named IT heavy systems to take to implement.

Account-Ability are one of the oldest partners of Corporate Planning. Our relationship is very close and enable us to influence product development to ensure the future needs of our clients are met.

The software modular application approach provides a complete integrated solution for all corporate planning requirements. Each application is designed around the business users and provides an easy to use but powerful tool to replace excel for business planning. The modular approach ensures that companies can implement each solution as required giving a rapid ROI.

Corporate Planner Applications

Corporate Planner Awards

Applications in Corporate Planner over the years have been extensively independently tested and won various awards:

  • First planning software to achieve the best possible overall rating by EBS Executive Education of the EBS University for Economics and Law
  • Supports the principles of modern budgeting in an “exceedingly excellent” manner
  • Fulfills the “simplicity”, “flexibility”, “integration” and “fundamentals” criteria to a degree of more than 95%
  • Outstanding overall assessment at 98.44%
  • Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand “software made in Germany” approval
  • Top ranked awards in BARC planning system survey.
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The Problem with EXCEL

Planning is critical for a business to succeed. Almost all controlling, reporting and planning in businesses today is carried out in spreadsheets. Excel spreadsheets can be great but they have many fundamental issues:

  • Single User
  • Over 90% of spreadsheets contain fundamental errors
  • Only one version (no scenarios)
  • Complex to change
  • Many copies no single version of the truth
  • Single point of failure – often spreadsheets can only be maintained successfully by the creator
  • Perceived to be free but requires large amounts of resource to run

It is more important than ever to have good controlling systems. Finance and planning teams need to spend more time understanding, analyzing and generating plans rather than processing data and maintaining models.


Corporate Planner - Simple and Fast

The Corporate Planner suite of applications has been designed around the business perspective. The software is designed to be implemented and maintained by the finance and planning teams. The fundamental principle from the founders is that CP Suite is not a highly technical solution. The software does not require any specialist SQL / programming knowledge to implement, the models are built via dialogue boxes.

However, underlying the user interface is a powerful SQL database with an in memory application server. Direct connection and drill down to per-systems is possible as well as completely devolved planning and reporting via a web browser.

Key advantages over other systems are implementation times are 3 times faster than competitor products. Changes can be made by the finance and planning teams, other systems often require significant IT time to make changes. Planning and reporting models are owned by the end business users, not by a technical team.

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"We've been using Corporate Planner for more than twenty years. The solution is ideal in that it enables us to visualize new and increasing demands again and again. We greatly appreciate this flexibility and the ongoing development of the Corporate Planning software."
Senior Financial Controller
“With Corporate Planner, reports are created and sent automatically, and we can now run dynamic analyses.”
Peter Erbeznik, Head of Commercial IT
Moser Holding
“The Corporate Planning solution simplifies and speeds up our work enormously.”
Daniel Bohnke, Head of Corporate Performance Management
“Data evaluations that would have previously been produced just once or maybe twice a year can now be retrieved at any time.”
Claudia Scholz, Head of Administration
“The software is easier to handle than other solutions, and the display of the results is much more clearly arranged.”
Stefan Keining, Commercial Director
Franz Ziener
“We have created a transparent platform that has been well accepted by the staff, as all 250 users are now talking about the same figures. This has provided us with a faster flow of information and improved our understanding of the costs.”
Danny Claussen, Head of Controlling
HKL Baumaschinen
“Corporate Planner is perfect in helping us monitor and improve our reporting processes.”
Thomas Diezmann, Managing Director

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Does your business need help with financial planning? 

If it does, our Corporate Planner Finance software is the perfect solution for your financial management needs. Our Corporate Planner Finance solution helps you stay on top of your current financial situation and helps you make forward-looking decisions.

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