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The sales plan in any organization pretty much drives the resource requirements for ‘everything else’ in the business. Over or under achieving the sales plan significantly impacts overall business performance.

Corporate Planner Sales ensures that you always keep an eye on your sales, your product portfolio and your sales potential.

A volatile market environment, growing pressure from competitors and ever-increasing customer expectations are just three of the many challenges being faced by sales teams today. With Corporate Planner Sales, you are equipped to analyze your multidimensional data and to use the results to create different plans and strategies and to generate alternative scenarios. This enables you to assess the impact of decisions quickly and keeps you a step ahead of the competition.

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Benefits of Corporate Planner Sales

  A multi-dimensional view of your sales organization and product portfolio.

  Clear visualization of complex sales data and plans over any combination of dimensions and timescale.

  Reliable, automatic data import from connections to your source data systems with the benefit of drilldown.

  Save time and resource in preparing budgets, ensuring your plans are based on more recent business information, and enabling you to re-forecast frequently based on the latest in-year situation.

  Powerful in-built top-down, bottom-up, driver driven and trend planning methodologies, including AI, with simulations and scenario analysis, ensuring that planning is speedy and tailored to every need.

  Workflow, version control, and user roles & rights ensures process efficiency, tasks and reminders are scheduled, closely defined user access and data sharing, and the assurance of a ‘single version of the truth’.

  User-oriented, professional reporting by drag and drop.

  Platform independent web access for ease of use. Connections to BI and data analysis systems as required.

  Connectivity to P&L, balance sheet and cash flow planning and reporting in Corporate Planner OC and Corporate Planner Finance modules for total integrated financial planning and corporate performance management.
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Responding to Market Dynamics

Sales departments work with complex structures and a large number of dimensions. Corporate Planner Sales makes the interrelationships between multi-dimensional data easier to understand. Reports and analyzes are easy to create from different perspectives. This enables sales managers to see sales performance both in detail, and overall, in any perspective, and to respond quickly to the latest market trends.

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Managing, Planning and Reporting from Different Perspectives

You can use Corporate Planner Sales to identify and translate current market trends into clear and meaningful forecasts. You are able to plan your sales in terms of any dimensions you wish, such as by staff, department, product, country or distribution channel.

With Corporate Planner Sales, you can create easy to follow reports to answer specific questions on sales targets, performance, variances etc. These reports are readily available in the web, to wider management based on user rights, or exported on a regular basis.

Integrating with the Overall Business Plan and Financial Forecast

The sales plan and performance is integral to the overall business plan and financial forecast. Data from Corporate Planner Sales can be linked to other Corporate Planner software: Corporate Planner OC for detailed operational, costing, and P&L planning; and to Corporate Planner Finance for integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow planning and reporting.

Together, Corporate Planner software can provide the complete integrated scalable solution for all of your FP&A and corporate performance management needs. You ensure consistent data, structured decision-making information, and save time and resource.

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Seamlessly Connected To Your System Environment

Seamlessly Connected To Your System Environment

Our Corporate Planner solutions not only allow you to report, model and plan every financial aspect of your business, they can also connect to any of your pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance. These reliable connections enable automated data transfer and provide drill-down to transactions and vouchers.

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"I have been working with the corporate Planning software for 20 years now. Thanks to the software being continually developed and enhanced by the Corporate Planning team, we've always been right at the cutting edge of technology."
“With Corporate Planner, we can make individual adjustments to suit our complex structures and billing requirements and respond flexibly to ever-changing situations.”
“The software is easier to handle than other solutions, and the display of the results is much more clearly arranged.”

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Sales planning demands flexibility, speed, clarity and analysis in a complex multidimensional environment. Added to this, it requires good reporting and the ability to integrate the data with the overall business plan and financial forecast. With Corporate Planner Sales you can achieve these goals. Read our brochure to find out more.

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