Cash and Liquidity Management Software

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LIQUIDITY Management across the group

  • Clear liquidity analysis in the form of charts and tables
  • Current cash position shown by bank account or by company
  • Summary of due and expected payments
CP Cash Liquidity Mangment

Features of CP Cash Manger Include:

Cash Pooling

  • Overall Review of cash surplus / deficits
  • Calculation of the most efficient cash flows using defined hierarchies
  • Provision of sound recommendations for cash clearing across all bank accounts
  • Direct implementation of decisions by adjusting payments and parallel correspondence with banks
CP Cash Cash Pools

Debtor / creditor monitoring

  • Record of payment history, prediction of expected payment date
  • Overview of debtors, creditors, vouchers and overdue items
  • Detailed analyses of own liabilities
  • Projection over user-defined time span (days, weeks, quarters or half a year)
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CP Cash Debtors

Automatic cash discount and interest optimization

Optimized cash discounts and interest rates applied automatically in cash flow calculation and cash pooling recommendations

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CP Cash Discounts

Measures for short-term Liquidity  management

  • Implementation of concrete measures, e.g. management of payments to creditors
  • Alternative scenarios involving debtors and creditors
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CP Cash Liquidity Recommendations

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"We've been using Corporate Planner for more than twenty years. The solution is ideal in that it enables us to visualize new and increasing demands again and again. We greatly appreciate this flexibility and the ongoing development of the Corporate Planning software."
Senior Financial Controller
“With Corporate Planner, reports are created and sent automatically, and we can now run dynamic analyses.”
Peter Erbeznik, Head of Commercial IT
Moser Holding
“The Corporate Planning solution simplifies and speeds up our work enormously.”
Daniel Bohnke, Head of Corporate Performance Management
“Data evaluations that would have previously been produced just once or maybe twice a year can now be retrieved at any time.”
Claudia Scholz, Head of Administration
“The software is easier to handle than other solutions, and the display of the results is much more clearly arranged.”
Stefan Keining, Commercial Director
Franz Ziener
“We have created a transparent platform that has been well accepted by the staff, as all 250 users are now talking about the same figures. This has provided us with a faster flow of information and improved our understanding of the costs.”
Danny Claussen, Head of Controlling
HKL Baumaschinen
“Corporate Planner is perfect in helping us monitor and improve our reporting processes.”
Thomas Diezmann, Managing Director

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