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Account-Ability Ltd was founded in 1998. Account-Ability was established to help businesses with their financial planning and analysis.

Account Ability saw that many managers in business did not have the key financial and non financial data readily available as a result managers were unable to make the necessary strategic decisions quickly enough. Managers were unsure of their performance, budget and forecast cycles were a slow and painful process.

Finance directors should be able to have account ability reviews with all their managers on company performance. Providing clear data to support these meetings is vital. Ensuring financial reports are published rapidly and are easily accessible by all staff ensures that performance is regularly monitored and when necessary changes are made.

Company structures are constantly changing and many external factors affecting budgeting reporting and consolidation requirements. Reliable reporting and planning structures need to be developed. Any solution needs to be easy to implement and rapidly cope with change. Some software solutions we had the feedback that requests for IT to change reports took 6 months or more this we felt was unacceptable in the fast pace of business today.

Most companies in 1998 and a large number of companies today produce all their management information via Excel spreadsheets. Budgets and forecasts are produced in many different spreadsheets.

Excel spreadsheets are perceived to be free. However, Excel has many issues, most commonly, slow, error prone, difficult to change, too many of them, the result is accountants are spending too much time producing reports and plans and not enough time actually understanding the data.

Today little has changed. Excel spreadsheets are the primary financial planning and reporting solution for many businesses. There is a solution with a Corporate Performance management software solution

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Partnership with Corporate Planning AG

 To help companies with better planning and reporting we formed a partnership with CP Corporate Planning to provide Corporate Planner solutions to the UK and Ireland.

Corporate Planner solutions are focused on providing a rapid to implement business applications. All changes can be made by the finance teams. This way results can be seen in weeks, rather than months or years that some big named IT heavy systems to take to implement.

Account-Ability are one of the oldest partners of Corporate Planning. Our relationship is very close and enable us to influence product development to ensure the future needs of our clients are met.

The software modular application approach provides a complete integrated solution for all corporate planning requirements. Each application is designed around the business users and provides an easy to use but powerful tool to replace excel for business planning. The modular approach ensures that companies can implement each solution as required giving a rapid ROI.

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Account-Ability Experience

Since 1998 we have implemented Corporate Planner projects across all sectors and covering Operational and Financial Controlling and Consolidation. Our clients range in size from £10M turnover to over £3Billion. Our projects have ranged from ‘simple P&L and reporting pack’ all the way through to ‘complete operational, financial controlling and consolidation solution for large multi-company, multi-currency groups.

We have in-depth experience of the needs of many sectors which enables us to bring expert knowledge to the benefit of the client in terms of:

(i) better, more informed, and more flexible implementations; and

(ii) faster, lower cost implementation.

On top of the support provided by Corporate Planning AG, Account-Ability provide a full on-going help first line support service to all of our clients. The level of support goes well beyond that of a ‘typical help desk’, and incorporates detailed problem solving and advice on new solutions.

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Account-Ability Solutions

Sales Forecasting Solution

Every companies financial plan, budget or forecast usually starts with the key question. What is our Sales Forecast? Predicting the pipeline of sales is vital

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