Corporate Planning Release CP 6.0

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Jul 23, 2020 5:26:00 AM

Corporate Planner 6.0 sees the largest change to the user interface in recent years. New version 6.0 has an intuitive interface and entry portal new navigation features, innovative analysis tools like Sunburst, additional report variants and integrated dashboard functionality make working even easier and more effective

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New Web Client

CP version 6.0 sees the launch of a completely new web interface. Most users will now solely access Corporate Planner via a web browser. All reporting, analysis and planning can be carried out via the completely new web interface. The new web interface is platform independent and ensures a faster lower cost roll out of Corporate Planner.

New Reporting Functions

  • Public / private content sharing functions
  • Comparative benchmark and segment reports
  • Dynamic online PDF reporting
  • Pinning function for easy creation of individual reports and planning templates
  • Use of tables and reporting templates
  • Analysis of the entire hierarchical structure through innovative Sunburst visualization
New Reporting Functions

Increased Effectiveness

  • Targeted selection and quick switch between organisational units, financial structures and outlines
  • Improved commentary with automatic comment columns
  • More convenient tree navigation
  • Minimal operator training necessary
  • Easy access for key users and occasional users

New User Types

There are new user licence types

  • Designer
  • Writer
  • Reader

These new user types gives a lower cost roll out of Corporate Planner across and organisation.

Integrated CP Dashboards







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Integrated CP Dashboards

With Corporate Planner 6.0 there are new CP Dashboards. The CP dashboards are fully integrated into the new CP web interface.

The dashboard user interface allows for simple self service reporting and analysis from Corporate Planner.

Templates dashboards for financial planning and reporting are available.

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