5 Key Features That Make Enterprise Performance Management Software The Best Option For Your Holding Company

5 Key Features That Make Enterprise Performance Management Software The Best Option For Your Holding Company

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An enterprise performance management (EPM) platform provides holding companies with comprehensive business metrics on which to make informed strategic decisions in their drive for growth. By opting for a software solution such as Corporate Planner, holding companies can benefit in several important ways, giving them confidence in the performance of their subsidiaries and their acquisitions and optimising performance within each organisation.

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1. Accessibility

Planning and budgeting software should be easy to use and accessible at all times, irrespective of previous experience or IT competence. An intuitive toolset and user dashboard will shorten the learning curve required for users to adopt the new platform, a task that is facilitated by thorough vendor-supplied training, online resources, and after-sales care.

2. Forecasting Capability

Forecasting capabilities are an indispensable tool in the best EPM software packages, offering quick and accurate insights into future business performance, including cash flow, sales volume, revenues, and profits. Enterprise Performance Management platforms can also generate different scenarios, so that your business is responsive in any circumstance, with full contingency planning for the worst-case situation.

3. Easy To Integrate

An integrated platform allows for an automated transfer of data from pre-systems without the need for manual data transfers and imports. This saves considerable time and reduces the likelihood of human error, while also giving you a centralised repository of data that can be updated and edited in varying situations.

4. Reliability

Key strategic decisions depend on the immediate availability of accurate data, so it is essential that your EPM software can provide you with effective modelling capabilities, including scenario and contingency planning, and rolling forecasts. Also, it needs to be able to import ‘actual data’ from all relevant sources and to have excellent internal reporting and analysis tools. This will enable you to report actual performance alongside plans and forecasts.

5. Historic & Forecast Data

If you want to be able to access your data over any historic time period or future plans and scenarios, good EPM software such as Corporate Planner will allow you to do this quickly and reliably.

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