Impress Shareholders and Lenders with Business Reporting Solutions

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Mar 19, 2024 9:14:12 AM

Impressing new shareholders and financial lenders is crucial for any company that is looking to thrive through securing much-needed investment. An effective way to achieve this is through sophisticated and efficient business reporting tools, such as Corporate Planner, an invaluable software solution that demonstrates both your organisation’s financial health and your commitment to transparency and strategic planning.Contact Us
So, how can you impress your shareholders and financial lenders and give them confidence that you have control of the business?

Prepare A Detailed And Professional Presentation 

Start by preparing a detailed and professional presentation that showcases the benefits of the business reporting solutions. Focus on financial forecasts, providing examples of how the software can predict various scenarios, including upside and downside situations. This will allow you to demonstrate the software’s ability to forecast and manage risks, and will instil confidence in your audience that the organisation is well-positioned and informed to thrive in different scenarios. The presentation should also highlight how the software integrates different financial predictions to create a comprehensive picture of the company's potential future.

Provide Live Examples And Analytics

Investors and lenders are particularly interested in how you can monitor performance and manage budgets. To address this, include live examples and analytics in your presentation. Show how the software provides current-time insights into financial performance, and stakeholder reporting, helping stakeholders to track progress against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and building confidence. Live demonstrations of the software in action can be much more impactful than theoretical explanations.

Understand And Connect With Their Business Goals 

To engage with your investors and lenders, it is worth taking the time to understand the business and its goals. This allows you to tailor your presentation, making it relevant and personal to their interests and ambitions. Highlight how your reporting solutions will align with their objectives, showing they are a partner in your success.

Deliver A Fully Integrated Financial Picture 

Business reporting software should provide a fully integrated financial picture, encompassing Profit & Loss statements, balance sheets, cash flows, capital expenditure requirements, and adherence to banking covenants. Additionally, illustrate how your solutions offer insights into sales, market trends, and resource allocation. A comprehensive approach will provide reassurance to investors and lenders of your business’s ability to manage its finances effectively and strategically.

Be Prepared For Questions 

Finally, it is vital that you can confidently answer any questions that are posed, as uncertainty or a lack of knowledge will reflect badly and instil doubt. Therefore, anticipate and prepare for the questions your investors and lenders might have. Think ahead about common concerns or areas of interest and relate your responses back to your audience’s specific goals and business outlook. Providing thoughtful, well-informed answers will not only impress investors and lenders but also demonstrate your expertise and the depth of your reporting solutions.

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