Corporate Planner: The Best Way To Improve Your Business' Financial Planning And Analysis Systems

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Dec 1, 2022 4:52:13 PM

Corporate Planner is a leading integrated financial management and forecasting software platform used by nearly 5,000 organisations from large corporates to mid-sized organisations across Europe Corporate Planner includes a variety of strategic tools to facilitate intelligent resource planning decision-making.

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Corporate Planner 6.0

In the UK, Corporate Planner is available through Account-Ability as a scalable managed software service that includes implementation support, training, and ongoing consultancy. Our partners Corporate Planning AG have recently released Corporate Planner 6.0, including a dynamic overhaul of many of the platform’s core reporting functions and a new web interface that makes the software accessible on a wider variety of devices.


Reasons to invest in Corporate Planner

Implementing Corporate Planner can improve your business financial planning process in several core ways:

  • Increased flexibility – a good corporate performance management platform will increase the adaptability and versatility of your organisation, helping your team implement the right plans and investments in the right markets, target capital to the right areas of the business, and adopt the best plans to support your strategic objectives.
  • Understand company performance – the objective, data-based oversight provided by Corporate Planner gives you real-world insight into the value of your organisation, its equity, and its assets, and the financial potential and risks of its business model. This has several applications, including reporting to stakeholders, , restructuring your management team, embarking on new products or services, or investing in a marketing strategy.
  • Rapid month and year close – in today’s fast moving business environment you can’t afford for month-end reports to take a week or more and consume unnecessary effort. You need the latest results available ‘immediately’ after month close, and year-end results quickly available. Corporate Planner’s ability to connect directly to all financial and pre-system databases, combined with its professional report writer and dashboard capability cuts through the month-end reporting chore, making reports available within a day.
  • Automation – automating many aspects of your financial planning process reducing your dependence on manual data entry, bringing several efficiency and cost benefits. This frees up valuable staff time allowing you to deploy your skilled staff to a wider range of value-driven tasks. Highly trained accountancy employees no longer have to spend countless hours of productive time on data entry; with automation, the same team can perform more in the same time, with shorter cycle times for report requests. Second, automation reduces the number of errors and duplications that arise through honest admin mistakes, simplifying reconciliation and leading to greater accuracy.
  • Financial process analysis – implementing a business planning application creates a ‘process map’ of your financial systems, improving visibility and accountability, and making it easier for you to highlight inefficient processes and areas for improvement. This oversight empowers you to make targeted improvements to your budgeting strategy, for example, and make strategic investments to raise productivity in underperforming areas.


Corporate financial planning and analysis solutions from Accounts-Ability

Since 1998, the Account-Ability team have implemented Corporate Planner for businesses across allsectors, with customised builds covering all aspects of operational and financial control and consolidation. Our customers range in size from £10 million annual turnover businesses to large company groups with over £3 billion global turnover. From straightforward P & L and reporting packages, to complete operational and integrated P&L, B/S and C/F financial controlling and consolidation solutions for large multi-company, multi-currency groups, we have the experience and industry expertise to handle any project.

Get in touch today to find out more about our services and how Corporate Planner 6.0 can drive efficiency across your business. We provide numerous financial planning and analysis solutions, which include balance sheet and cash flow planning, budgeting, reporting, financial consolidation, and sales forecasting.


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