How The Right Planning Software Can Improve Your Cash Flow Plan

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Jun 20, 2022 3:56:00 PM

Cash flow planning is crucial for steering any organisation into the future, but it’s often like driving through fog. However, what if fog isn’t the issue? What if it’s the quality of the windscreen that’s the problem? At Account-Ability, we’ve helped companies to see the road ahead to better cash flow management by implementing Corporate Planner (used by over 4000 companies), and here’s why.

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Confusing Forecasts

Setting-up a cash flow plan in Excel can be a real challenge. Users must manually determine and list the business drivers, create an Excel cash flow model, and work out the right formulas to use. The financial planner then has to create summaries of the cash flow projections, and design and input the key financial metrics. The model then has to be tested, and multiple additional sheets need to be added. It’s a lot of work, with a scary number of opportunities to get the details wrong.

Cash flow planning software, such as Corporate Planner, uses advanced automated systems to take the hard work out of the process. The modelling is pre-designed for accuracy, ease of use, and eliminating complexities.

No Space To Grow

The complexities of setting up a cash-flow plan in Excel are just the beginning of the problem. Excel was never designed to create complex forecasts. Rather, financial planners have been required to manually adjust the formulas and designs in response to any changes that a company faces. As we saw during the Covid-19 pandemic, changes can come suddenly and swiftly, and for anyone running a cash flow plan through legacy software this resulted in either predictive inaccuracies, a period of unprecedented financial blindness, or both.

Today’s software is designed to automatically adjust to change to make cash flow planning easier. Whether the determining forces are internal or external, cash flow planning software keeps a natural pace with your organisation, offering accurate support.

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When organisations need to improve the accuracy of their cash flow forecasting, or when flexibility is needed to protect against change, Corporate Planner offers an extensive range of benefits. Productive, protective, and proactive, it can inject security into any cash flow agenda. For more information, or to request a product demonstration, please call today on 01242 578966.

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