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Operational budgeting, planning, and forecasting are typically detailed processes which are tedious and time-consuming. Worse still, the consolidated plan often depends on a set of multiple linked Excel spreadsheets and lacks transparency and version control. Corporate Planner OC (Operational Controlling) solves all of these problems simply and reliably and delivers many additional benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

  Workflow, version control, and user roles & rights ensures process efficiency, tasks and reminders are scheduled, closely defined user access and data sharing, and the assurance of a ‘single version of the truth’

  Automatic production of your reporting pack via easily authored and published professional reporting capability. Also, a wealth of ad hoc reporting and analysis capability

  Platform independent web access for ease of use. Connections to BI and data analysis systems as required
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  Flexible modelling of all of your operational budgets with automatic consolidation in a robust, multi-user database environment

  Save time and resource in preparing budgets, ensuring your plans are based on more recent business information, and enabling you to re-forecast frequently based on the latest in-year situation

  Reliable, automatic data import from connections to your source data systems with the benefit of drilldown

  Powerful in-built top-down, bottom-up, driver driven and trend and AI predictive planning methodologies with simulations and scenario analysis, ensuring that planning is speedy and tailored to every need

Put Value-Add Into Your Planning

It’s a curious fact that in most organizations budgeting, planning, forecasting and reporting processes are dependent on outdated technology and have changed little over recent years. The process typically remains manually driven, Excel based, resource-intensive, time-consuming and potentially unreliable. The result is that budget cycles take many weeks (or months) to complete and when approved, are based on business data that are out-of-date. It means also, that re-forecasts and scenarios are difficult to run, and therefore not done as frequently as the business requires.

Corporate Planner OC

Corporate Planner OC

This creates a whole new planning, forecasting and reporting environment which removes the process inefficiencies by enabling users to plan, analyze and report in a robust multi-user database environment. Workflow, version control and user roles and rights ensure a solid foundation. Dynamic automatic consolidation ensures data reliability and a ‘single version of the truth’. Data links to source systems and advanced planning and prediction tools further speed the process. The net result is faster, more resource efficient, more up-to-date planning data, and hence more time for finance and line managers to ‘add business value’ to their plans, instead of just ‘processing data’.

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Rolling Forecasts, Re-Forecasting And Scenarios

With connection to your source systems, Corporate Planner OC provides a dynamic forecast, enabling you to react quickly to changing situations. Frequent re-forecasting over rolling periods becomes an easy task, thus ensuring you stay informed on the latest state of your business and the markets. Multiple scenarios at both the operational and strategic level are easy and fast to create and to compare, thus enabling you to evaluate risks and opportunities, adding more value to the planning process.

Rolling Forecasts, Re-Forecasting And Scenarios
Teamwork For Performance

Teamwork For Performance

Corporate Planner OC helps build collaborative performance management across your team and line managers in the business. Multi-user access to its dynamically calculating database with links to source systems, in-built planning tools and management reports ensures all users, according to their rights, have access to the same ‘single version of the truth’. Workflow and version control schedules tasks and reminders. The result is that stakeholders from the Executive down to budget holders are better informed and more engaged in the achievement of performance and its management 

Self-Serve Capability

Corporate Planner OC is a leading business application with process-transforming features, It is used by 5,000 organizations insistent on more efficient and effective FP&A and performance management. Fully scalable, Corporate Planner OC is used by organizations from all sectors, including not-for-profit, ranging in size from SME’s to FTSE 100 companies

Designed with users in mind, Corporate Planner OC is implemented quickly without disruption, and without the need for extensive consultancy and training services. On-going, the cost to the user remains low due to its extensive self-serve capability.

profit and loss planning

Profit & loss planning

management reporting

Management reporting

sales budgeting

Sales budgeting

staff planning

Staff planning

project costing

Project costing

integrated financial planning

Integrated financial planning

financial consolidation

Financial consolidation

business intelligence

Business intelligence

activity-based costing

Activity-based costing

strategic planning

Strategic planning

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Integrated P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Extension

In any organization, the detailed integrated planning and reporting of balance sheet and cash flow with P&L is one of the most important administration tasks. The Corporate Planner Finance extension with its easily configured logic blocks which provide a dynamic link between the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statement brings transparency to the cause-and-effect relationships and transforms the power and speed of balance sheet and cash flow planning and reporting.

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Seamlessly Connected To Your System Environment

Seamlessly Connected to Your System Environment

Our Corporate Planner solutions not only allow you to report, model and plan every financial aspect of your business, they can also connect to any of your pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance. These reliable connections enable automated data transfer and provide drill-down to transactions and vouchers.

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"The Corporate Planning Software has made our corporate performance management so automatic that we can concentrate much more on developing our department"
“The import function is perfect for connecting our data from other systems. Thanks to the flexibility of the structure, iy's easy to depic changes in our business model or the business environment.”
“As the users started working with the software, their appetite increased, and we received more and more new suggestions and requests from all over the world.”
“Importing the data automatically has saved us ten days' work per year. It has also reduced the risk of errors, commonly associated with manual importts, to a minimum.”

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Whatever your organization’s size or nature you will need to produce financial plans, analysis and reports. Corporate Planner OC transforms the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your FP&A, reporting and performance management process. With direct links to source data, workflow and version control, easy and fast implementation you can equip your organization to build performance through teamwork.

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