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Fast-track Financial Consolidation and Reporting

Preparing accurate consolidated financial statements for a group of companies is typically complex, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Corporate Planner Consolidation systemizes and automates this process bringing large savings in time and resource, increasing accuracy and many other benefits.

Corporate Planner Consolidation provides clear set up dialogue boxes so that company structures, elimination rules etc are easily defined. Many of the eliminations can be processed automatically.

  • Collect financial data from pre systems
  • Consolidation settings
  • Map to group accounts
  • Unify currencies
  • Automatic eliminations
  • Manual Journal Entries
  • Management reporting
  • Statutory reporting
  • Segment reporting

Financial consolidation is complex and time-consuming, even with simple group structures. Where the structures are more complex, and changing, or involve sub-consolidations, multiple currencies and significant inter-company trading, the task becomes highly specialised, slow and expensive.

Corporate Planner Consolidation

Corporate Planner Consolidation, is certified to audit standards, and solves all of these problems with its powerful process-driven consolidation logic to guide the user, automation and reporting capability. Built-in business logic automatically checks the validity of inputs and generates the lists of consolidation postings. An audit trail logs all the parameters of relevance to the group, thereby providing additional reliability.

The performance improvements that Corporate Planner Consolidation delivers means that consolidation need not be a ‘once in a year process’, but instead driven by business need, for example monthly, or (with integration with the Corporate Planner Finance module) based on budget, re-forecasts, and corporate scenarios such as potential group structure changes, acquisitions or disposals.

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Reasons For A Financial Consolidation System

Benefits Of Corporate Planner Consolidation

  Workflow guided process removes complexity and ensures audit-ready consolidation.

  Cuts greatly the time and resource required for consolidation, resulting in fast-close, and ‘information delivered on demand’, eg monthly consolidation.

  Workflow and version control to give confidence in the process and the results.

  Parallel accounting according to local GAAP and IAS/IFRS.

  Streamlined data transfer with drill down from all common finance, ERP systems for speed and integrity.

  Seamless connection to financial planning, enabling consolidations against the budget, forecast, and scenarios (eg planned corporate restructuring) to be produced.

  Certified according to recognized audit standards.

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Fast Close, Information on Demand and Increased Stakeholder Confidence

Corporate Planner Consolidation enables you to increase internal and external stakeholder confidence in your business. The workflow guided process, connections to financial source data, pre-built statutory reports, and ease of adjusting corporate structure, delivers fast-close and puts you in a position to deliver information on demand and to respond quickly to new situations. With Corporate Planner Consolidation for consolidation, you can produce your financial statements quickly and to a high standard of quality. Certified to recognized audit standards Corporate Planner Consolidation enables you to report to multiple internal and external reporting standards.

In-Built Professional Reporting

Corporate Planner Consolidation comes complete with a full range of statutory reports automatically built according to your corporate structure and reporting standards. These include segment and region reporting. The reports automatically adjust with your corporate structure. User defined reports can also be added.

Auditable Consolidated Financial Statements

Certified to audit standards Corporate Planner Consolidation gets your documents ready for audit quickly. Corporate Planner Consolidation is a ‘true business application’ built on business expertise, with which you generate your lists of postings automatically. It offers automatic eliminations, manual journal entries, easy addition of account codes and corporate structure changes, data import directly from ERP systems, multiple accounting formats, consolidation of actual, budget, forecasts, and scenarios, and much more!

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Financial Planning Integration

In any organization, the detailed integrated planning of P&L, balance sheet and cash flow reporting and planning is one of the most important administration tasks. With Corporate Planner Consolidation, you can add the fully integrated Corporate Planner Finance module and extend your statutory consolidation solution to include the detailed planning of P&L, balance sheet and cash flow of each of your companies. Both solutions are fully integrated.

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Seamlessly Connected To Your System Environment

Seamlessly Connected To Your System

Our Corporate Planner solutions not only allow you to report, model and plan every financial aspect of your business, they can also connect to any of your pre-systems – ERP systems, software for financial and cost accounting, and the payroll processing software used in human resource management, for instance. These reliable connections enable automated data transfer and provide drill-down to transactions and vouchers.

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"The particularly attractive, user-friendly and process-orientated approach to operating the software was what ultimately convinced us about Corporate Planner Cons"
“The Corporate Planning Software has made our corporate performance management so automatic that we can concentrate much more on developing our department.”
“By intergrating an establishing certain standards, new companies can be included in the uniform reporting system and consolidation immediately.”
“Corporate Planning won us over by being excellent value for money.”

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Corporate Planner Consolidation brochure

With Corporate Planner Consolidation, you keep track of all your subsidiaries and produce your consolidated financial statements in a systematic, transparent and auditable procedure. You reduce manual work, save time, enable fast-close, and deliver more value to stakeholders

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