Financial Planning and Reporting Solutions for Health and Social Care

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Planning and Reporting Solutions for the Health and Social Care Sector

There are many key planning and reporting issues that affect the health and social care sector. For the finance and planning side of things, these could include: 

  • Delivering Management Information & KPIs
  • Reporting to regulatory bodies
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Budgeting cycles
  • Staff planning
  • Funding private & public
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For the majority of organisations, reporting and planning is delivered using multiple excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheet solutions are often slow to update and over 90% have material errors. Corporate performance management software gives faster internal and external reporting cycles. A corporate performance management software solution also helps with faster multi-user budgeting and forecasting cycles.

Corporate Planner Solution

The Corporate Planning solution for health and social care supports charitable institutions and social welfare organisations in the planning, analyzing and reporting of business figures. The market-leading solution enables rapid reporting and budgeting cycles.


The users of Corporate Planner, include non-profit organisations and providers of inpatient and outpatient care in the health sector, as well as organisations offering a wide range of services in the community such as child care, assistance for disabled people, sheltered housing, assisted living and counselling.

Our software is used in cost centre management, financial management, performance management and HR management, and in the costing of occupancy and catering and of daily hospital and nursing care rates.

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The Management Model for Health and Social Care

Corporate Planning software for the health and social care sector gives you a visual model for managing your business operations. Report faster both internally and externally to funding bodies.

Keep track of your performance data and your costs (eg payroll), as these are the key to success within the Health Care Sector.

The Corporate Planner solution includes continuous forecast – actual comparisons this acts as an early warning indicator in the corporate performance management process.


Transparent Budgeting Solution

Identify and visualize financing shortfalls in good time.

Whether there are new pay scale changes, pension changes, or staffing ratio requirements, with Corporate Planner you can plan alternative scenarios with ease.

The scenarios can easily be copied and compared to your current business model and developed inline with your strategy.


Cash Flow for Competitive Edge

Many health and social care organisations are not for profit. However, whether the organisation's basis is for profit or not there is regularly a call for a cash flow plan that is easy to follow from the funders/investors.

The Corporate Planner software solution is based on intelligent business logic that provides the basis for transparent integrated financial planning. If required there is a statutory consolidation solution as well.


Digitization in Health and Social Care

Through digitization, data flows become automatic and reporting systems are able to keep each user supplied with only the information that they need.

Users might receive monthly management accounts, HR planning, occupancy rates, KPIs, or cash flow statements. All reports are delivered via a web browser and can be easily re-run for prior periods.

With the Corporate Planner solution, you gain extra time for making good decisions for your organisation.

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"We've been using Corporate Planner for more than twenty years. The solution is ideal in that it enables us to visualize new and increasing demands again and again. We greatly appreciate this flexibility and the ongoing development of the Corporate Planning software."
Senior Financial Controller
“With Corporate Planner, reports are created and sent automatically, and we can now run dynamic analyses.”
Peter Erbeznik, Head of Commercial IT
Moser Holding
“The Corporate Planning solution simplifies and speeds up our work enormously.”
Daniel Bohnke, Head of Corporate Performance Management
“Data evaluations that would have previously been produced just once or maybe twice a year can now be retrieved at any time.”
Claudia Scholz, Head of Administration
“The software is easier to handle than other solutions, and the display of the results is much more clearly arranged.”
Stefan Keining, Commercial Director
Franz Ziener
“We have created a transparent platform that has been well accepted by the staff, as all 250 users are now talking about the same figures. This has provided us with a faster flow of information and improved our understanding of the costs.”
Danny Claussen, Head of Controlling
HKL Baumaschinen
“Corporate Planner is perfect in helping us monitor and improve our reporting processes.”
Thomas Diezmann, Managing Director

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