CP Cash Manager® AS part of the CP-Suite – To improve companies liquidity management

CP Cash Manager facilitates the tracking of the daily cash position and the expected cash positions based on invoices in the purchase ledger.  It helps optimize and safeguard your companies solvency. CP Cash Manager can read directly from your ERP system to improve your liquidity management processes. The clear analysis makes it easy to identify overdue payments/receipts and to modify the expected dates to give a clearer cash position for the immediate future. Regular and one-off future payments can also be entered to provide a more accurate simulation of cash movements and cash balances. Furthermore the automatic liquidity management detector can identify short falls in bank accounts / companies and recommend actions. Even in surplus it will provide liquidity management recommend actions to ensure finances are invested most efficiently to obtain the greatest return on investment.

Features of CP Cash Manger Include:

Cash Pooling

  • Overall Review of cash surplus / deficits
  • Calculation of the most efficient cash flows using defined hierarchies
  • Provision of sound recommendations for cash clearing across all bank accounts
  • Direct implementation of decisions by adjusting payments and parallel correspondence with banks

CP Cash Cash Pools

Debtor / creditor monitoring

  • Record of payment history, prediction of expected payment date
  • Overview of debtors, creditors, vouchers and overdue items
  • Detailed analyses of own liabilities
  • Projection over user-defined time span (days, weeks, quarters or half a year)

CP Cash Debtors

LIQUIDITY Management across the group

  • Clear liquidity analysis in the form of charts and tables
  • Current cash position shown by bank account or by company
  • Summary of due and expected payments

CP Cash Liquidity Mangment

Automatic cash discount and interest optimization

  • Optimized cash discounts and interest rates applied automatically in cash flow calculation and cash pooling recommendations

CP Cash Discounts

Measures for short-term Liquidity  management

  • Implementation of concrete measures, e.g. management of payments to creditors
  • Alternative scenarios involving debtors and creditors

CP Cash Liquidity Recommendations