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Budgeting Software for Manufacturing and Engineering Companies

Budgeting and reporting software can help manage manufacturing companies efficiently. They need transparency, flexibility, and agility for more certainty to succeed in a volatile market environment.

Accelerate your planning and reporting cycles with a dedicated Corporate Performance Management Solution. Key topics of planning include:

  1. Company financial planning and reporting
  2. Financial Consolidation
  3. Sales Forecasting
  4. Production Planning
  5. Staff Planning
  6. Integration with your ERP systems

Integrated Financial Planning

Use Corporate Planner Finance to produce Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecast for your company / group.  Corporate Planner provides a single source of the truth.  

  • Produce your monthly management report pack rapidly.  
  • Integrations with finance systems allow for drill down to transactional data.
  • Streamline your budgeting process, with clear planning rules.
  • Model debtor, stocks, creditor, and capital plans.
  • Create 1 year and multi-year forecasts in the same financial model.
  • Monitor cash flow and banking covenant assumptions.  
  • Run scenarios to be prepared for both best- and worst-case forecasts.
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Impressive work
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Impressive work
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Financial Consolidation

For groups, it is often important to produce accurate consolidated financial statements on a quarterly or monthly basis so that banks and investors can see the current group performance.  With Corporate Planner Consolidation, you can quickly generate consolidated group data for both actual and forecast data.

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Sales Forecasting

Sales Planning is a vital step in the budget and forecasting process.  With CP – Sales, it is quick to construct multi-dimensional forecasting models for sales managers to view in a web browser.

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Plan by dimensions such as product, product groups, customers, regions, sales managers. Not only sales and quantities, can be calculated, but also Sales price variances, Cost of sales, margins, promotional activities etc.

Planning is more than just Business Intelligence a dedicated planning system allows:

  • Data entry by budget holders
  • Scenario planning
  • Top down planning
  • Trend planning
  • AI forecasting

Production Planning

Corporate Planner can be used to create fully integrated models. Production planning models can take the sales forecast data and model a range of factors including:

  • Line capacity
  • Loss rates
  • Additional shift requirements / overtime
  • Seasonality
  • Production process
  • Stock and raw materials

Staff Planning

Corporate Planner can be used to plan staff costs and workload. Planning models can be produced to your requirements. Corporate Planner can forecast direct and indirect salaries, look at productive hours and capacities, overtime, bonuses etc.

ERP system Integration

To accelerate and enhance reporting cycles, Corporate Planner can import data from any ERP system.  There are direct integration possibilities including drill down to transactions.


Scenario Planning

Use the scenario planning feature in Corporate Planner to make sound decisions regarding your investments. Run through several alternatives quickly and determine precisely which investments are worthwhile. You are thus always prepared for worst-case and best-case scenarios alike.nning

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"Many car dealers work with several different pre-systems Corporate Planning Software covers this heterogeneous system environment like a lid, brining together all the relevant data on just one platform"
Michael Ottens
Car dealer and consulting partner

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